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How it started?

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About two years ago we had made up our minds that we wanted to start our own business and do something cool and unique. The innate entrepreneur in us had started to surface and we knew we had the tech talent and people skills to create something awesome.


But boy, was it hard to get our feet off the ground. We ran through and dismissed many ideas - a football planner that helps people find and play with different football enthusiasts across their city, a tinder-like app for dogs and even an SOS based app to help people in dire circumstances.


Finally, we thought we had stumbled upon a winner with the concept of an AI-based recommendations app to help people with their pet dogs. However, after doing the research, we found that there just wasn’t enough demand in the market for this concept.


One random day when one of us was enrolling for a gym membership for the 100th time, he remarked "Why am I paying the gym so much? Getting fit is so hard, the gym should be paying me!".


This joke sparked the idea of StepSetGo. Getting fit is hard enough as it is and maintaining motivation is an extremely uphill task. Why not reward users, provide additional motivation and make it fun? We knew there was potential here and went for it all guns blazing!

3 months into the app being live we were getting 30-35,000 downloads a day, without any marketing whatsoever and we knew

we had a winner


Fast forward 1 year

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  • Total Users

    5 Million+

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  • Steps Covered

    1 Trillion+

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  • Kilometers Covered

    1 Billion+



The Leadership


I enjoy building scalable technologies, managing infrastructure, focusing on performance and GETTING SHIT DONE! In my free time I love playing the guitar, going for a long drive, meeting my friends and having a conversation about the future of humanity.

Abhay Pai



Loving the challenge of working with the best team a startup can hope for. Have a bad habit of getting really sad songs stuck in everyone’s head which may sometimes lead to lower productivity. Sorry!

Shivjeet Ghatge



Intuitive products. Beautiful designs. Bleeding edge tech. This is what I live for! Good Cop = Me. Bad Cop = Me + Asana

Misaal Turakhia


SSG Team

The Team


Always first in line for all the amazing things in life, like this company! I can talk to millions of SSG users through our app notifications. I handle the creative aspects of marketing & create a bit of content that we display. Skip to 10:42 of S02E05 of The Office, on your way.

Rohan Mistry

Content Manager


At the centre of a three way venn diagram of - user analytics, feature ideation and business KPI tracking - you will find me, making excel sheets, drinking coffee and singing the muffin song.

Harshil Shah

Product Lead


You can find me recruiting the best talent while working on logistics and ensuring the pantry always has enough coffee.

Jay Umaria

Manager - Human Resources, Admin & Logistics


I love designing experiences, especially the ones that make walking a bit quirkier. UX and illustration is what I do here, when I am not busy drawing monkeys ;)

Chinky Ramchandani

Senior Design Manager


Go checkout the amazing brands & awesome deals on our bazaar. You can thank me for them later.

Sumit Singh

Head - Business Development


You will find me working one-on-one with our users and helping them every "step" of their way. Using my skills to resolve and "set" aside user queries, I make their problems "go" away. All I need is a cup of my coffee and a smile :)

Vaishali Shilwar

Community Manager

Have a problem? Allow me to solve it. Please don't blame me for server issues (looking at you tech team!) but surely thank me whan I give you the resolutions. I am dedicated to my role as a professional and equally affable as an individual.

Paulson Cheruvathur

Operations Associate


Love building startups and strategizing for rapid growth! Love scaling new heights! Been trekking every mountain on my way!

Ganesh Dutt

Head - Strategy


Love to be a helping hand for a healthier tomorrow. Happy to be a part of an interesting and amazing initiative. Responsibility has been the key to keep me going. A supportive team adds up to have a great time at work.

Sanjivan Das

Community Manager


A software wizard, I put a lot of attention to detail in every task that I do and I bring forth a designer's imaginations into reality.

Anmol Pandey

Senior Frontend Engineer


When brands want to propel the campaign, they come to me. I make the client servicing as easy as counting 1,2,3.. Actually, I don't have time for this bio as I am too busy making the next offer on the Bazaar live before my deadli

Payal Kataria

Business Development Associate


A Latin dancer who is getting the brands on board to dance on his terms and adding value to the Bazaar on a daily basis. Thank Sumit later you alligators, but before that dance with me to make this place a happy place 😜

Prateek Jain

Business Development Manager


Perpetually Curious, The Wolf from Pulp Fiction - I solve problems!

Suhail Mukadam

Community Manager


The latest addition to the Community Management team. Empathising and resolving user queries.

Harshal Paryani

Community Manager


Don't try to get my name right. It's alright. I make up stuff for a living & get numbers!

Mishtha Wadhwa

Senior Marketing Manager


Hacking is a profession when you play with it safely. Theres a hack for everything! #Hacking into peoples heart and companies :P

Nilava Chowdhury

Software Engineer


Thursday Status Update: BUSY 📵 | The Bazaar is going live✨ with the assistance of a pot of black coffee and Music🎶

Saee Nawarkar

Accounts Manager


A fitness fervor with a Gujarati mind who makes brands RUN on Bazaar! Please imagine Akshay Kumar saying "Paisa hi Paisa Hoga" on your way out!

Vishal Variya

Business Development Associate


“Well, what can I tell you? Life in the wide world goes on much as it has this past Age, full of its own comings and goings, scarcely aware of the existence of CODERS, for which I am very thankful.”

Gaurav Roy

Front end Developer


Sports fanatic with brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer, and the speech of a diplomat - all this with cups of Coffee. My left side of the brain in Analysis, Logic, Reasoning, Problem solving works better.

Dhara Doshi

Associate Product Manager


Real life monica geller - Bibliophilic thoughts - Surrounded by solutions - Repeat.

Aayushi Sawant

Community Manager


I love to tell stories 'yours or mine'. Express your story to me, i'll tell with my Art Direction.

Nishant Mishra

Graphic Designer


A Developer who spends his time with the backend while getting lured by the frontend 😜

Mukesh Suthar

Backend Developer


An avid traveller, content freak and prioritises family over weekend parties

Suchint Sharma

Manager - AdSales


An old school introvert, who is a good listener, and smiles through all her problems.

Urvashi Sharma

Associate - Human Resources


I am a bibliophile, thriller cinephile, clinophile, ceraunophile, and as you can see a logophile.

Bincy Babu

Business Development Associate


By the time you finish pronouncing my name, I would have finished making an offer on the Bazaar.

Modhuriya Das

Associate - Client Servicing


“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” – Martin Fowler

Ghalib Ansari

Backend Developer


A detail-oriented and performance-driven individual striving to make your life easy by bringing the most aesthetically pleasing utlitarian solution to the table.

Dishti Singh

UI/UX designer


Hodophile. Foodie. Cinephile. Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live - Martin Golding

Ayush Bansal

Backend Developer


I am an artist at heart who is addicted to colors and I love to create attractive and cool looking graphics that tell their own engaging stories.

Sushmita Dusa

Graphic Designer


Simplicity is the soul of efficiency.

Prasad Potdar

Backend Developer


An enthusiast who’s dreams are as big as Airbus A380 and whose aspirations are powered by them those Rolls Royce Airplane Engine. An airplane geek & A fitness freak.

Yash Kharde

Associate - Client Servicing


I dream about travelling the world. I follow my heart and it always leads to the beaches. You can find me getting brands live in bazaar in Operations Team.

Kripa Poojary

Operations Associate


Living a good story, saying yes to escapade while being perpetually caffeinated. All I do is upgrade.

Unmesh Zore

Community Manager


Good with managing numbers, Love binging on my favourite food, exploring new places is my passion.

Prajesh Chaudhary

Accounting Manager


Painting through the colours of life. Work, Sleep and Travellllllllllllllllllll. Upgrading towards a better version of me!

Namita Raul

Associate - Client Servicing


Astrophile, Fitness Freak, Beach lover. HIGH Tides and GOOD Vibes :)

Jishan Beg

Community Manager


I like to keep a clean workspace and create a logical filing method so I’m always able to find what I need. #LongDrives & #Playstation for Life!!!

Mukund Sharma

Jr. DevOps Engineer


I am an ambivert who loves to talk everything about food, life and FRIENDS.

Pooja Singh

Associate - Client Servicing

Rajib Kumar

Love playing games in my spare time (valorant, Fortnite). Into pc assembling and Tv shows. Foodie

Rajib Kumar Dey

Front end Developer

SSG Team